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Take advantage of each corner of the  houseenjoying the beautiful landscapes that lake Atitlán offers: 

  • 5 bedrooms

  • 5 bathrooms

  • Spacious and elegant living/dining room

  • Gourmet kitchen

  • Laundry

  • Beautiful multi-purpose deck

  • Large game room

  • Floating dock with direct access to the lake and use of kayaks and SUPs

  • Helipad and large garden with play areas

  • Ample and safe parking

  • Caretaker and trusted service personnel

  • Freezers

  • BBQ grill


14 - 16


Sok'moló has 5 rooms and comfortably 
accommodates 16 people. 


The architecture and its natural design give this house a sense of calm in which one can simply be.  The house is built around a large rock and tree, reinforcing the sense of being in nature. 


Sok' molo dormitorios-10.jpg

Enjoy direct access to the lake, with boat parking, access for kayaks, SUPs and water trampoline, or enjoy the peace and the sound of the water. 

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